Miami Tile and Grout Cleaning Services

Our steam cleaning techniques keep your floors looking like new

Floor care is always one of the most difficult things to manage when it comes to keeping a place clean, but it is one of the most important for making a good first impression. That’s why so many businesses use a professional cleaning service for regular tile and grout cleaning in Miami. Global Services Florida offers more than just carpet cleaning. We offer a wide range of commercial cleaning services throughout the Miami area and all across Florida.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Whether you run a healthcare facility, public venue, church, office building, or retail center, tile floors are the hardest to clean, especially by hand. What is that makes tile so difficult to clean? The primary culprit is the grout. Grout is a porous material, so dirt, spills and grime tend to seep down into the pores and discolor the surface, making it look dirty. Since the dirt is down in the pores, under the surface level, regular spot cleaning and mopping simply can’t reach far enough into the grout lines to get a deep clean. At Global Services, our processional commercial cleaning services can restore the shine to your tile flooring and make it look like new again.

Our powerful steam cleaners combine powerful vacuum with high pressure water to reach deep into the grout pores and pull up the dirt that has gotten down where normal cleaning can’t reach. Once clean, we apply a clear or colored sealant to the flooring, protecting the grout and keeping it looking clean. This works by creating a protective barrier over the surface of the floor to protect it from spills, dirt and permanent stains.

At Global Services Florida, we are dedicated to keeping your facility clean. Our commercial cleaning services are available throughout the Miami area. So if you have tile and grout cleaning you need done in Miami, don’t wait a moment longer! Contact us online for a free quote or call us at (954) 640-0331 today!

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